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3 fundraising fundamentals

While you are waiting for your coffee, take the time to check if you have these 3 fundamental features in your fundraising campaign.

Fundamental number 1:

Fundraising campaigns need effective teamwork. Do you have the full support of your organisation's leadership? You need a team to run an effective fundraising campaign. Teams work best when they have committed members who bring different skills to the team. A great way to explore what skills your team has and, what skills it lacks is to use the Belbin team roles approach to high-performing teams.

Fundamental number 2:

It really helps to focus the team if you have all co-written a compelling case for support. This is a simple, short, and clear statement of WHY your supporters should give you money. Inspiring Fundraising is a great online resource that gives a very good explanation of how to write a case for support. Check out their website:

Fundamental number 3:

Get organised and keep track of the work. This involves making lists of potential donors and keeping track of who, when, and what you asked them to donate. There is a great online training course that will help you. The course is available on Coursera and is run by the University of California, Davis.

You are also very welcome to contact us at Brickless Co-operative for further advice and support.

Now I think your coffee is ready.

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