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5 facts for fundraisers

Hold these 5 facts in mind when raising funds and you will enjoy the process:

Fact #1: We enjoy giving because it makes us happy. Research shows that giving to a worthy cause makes us happier.

Fact #2: Fundraising is a professional field of practice. It is worth joining your national association which offers training and support as well as guidance on ethical standards in fundraising.

Fact #3: Writing grant applications is just one way to raise funds. Getting grants from institutions and grant-making organisations is not a very effective way to get grants. Competition is fierce and success rates are low. It's time-consuming and depends on strangers making decisions in your favour.

Fact #4: Effective fundraising involves building a community of supporters around your cause who will donate regularly. In this way, you get your friends and supporters to support the great work you do.

Fact #5: Networking is an effective way to build support for your cause. Brickless hosts a free online networking event every two weeks. Join us by booking your place at our next networking event.

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