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How a compelling case for support is the touchstone of any successful fundraising campaign

Running an enterprise that does real good and makes real change is not easy or intuitive. Our whole society is designed to make us conform rather than innovate. We are constantly being told to "fit in" and yet we are working to change the world. A world that doesn't want to change.

The real work of fundraising is to get others to engage with us. To spend their money investing in our initiative and vision. This means we have to share the vision with our supporters. Our supporters need to understand and be prepared to back us. Not only be prepared to back us but to enthusiastically engage in our quest for a better world.

This sort of support means we have to communicate with our supporters. They need to be motivated, even inspired to support us. We need to craft a compelling case for support. A case for support that shares why this cause, why now, and why us?

Crafting a compelling case for support needs your whole team to work together to produce it. This will build your team. A functional working team entices your supporters because we all want to be part of the action.

When your team works together crafting and then communicating a compelling case for support as a team, they show their joint commitment to change. So you are telling your supporters why they should support you while at the same time, inviting them to be a part of your amazing team of change agents. The case for support becomes compelling because it embodies your team's work. This is irresistible to your supporters. This is what makes it compelling.

If you need help to craft a compelling case for support, Contact us at

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