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Networking 11th June

Welcome to a series of website posts from Brickless networking sessions that are hosted every Tuesday fortnight. This session was led by our resident networking session leader Doug. The session was attended by 13 participants from all the corners of the world including South Korea, South Africa and the UK, Brickless would like to acknowledge first time participant Aime who joined us from the UKA.

The session was started off with an ice breaker by Doug that asked for tips for founders and the common theme shared was the importance of networking, being clear on your plan, being financially literate, being passionate, putting your ideas into action, learning from mistakes and finally having fun, all elements which are important when building yourself in the cooperative industry.

The session then went on to the networking, during this process in the first round every participant is given 1 minute to pitch what they need and then in the second round every participant gives a referral, the requests in the first round consisted; of contracts in the construction business, community engagement projects, startup cooperatives looking to build an online presence, help with the writing of applications, virtual assistants and many more, at the end of the session 27 referrals were made. When the session ends a Brickless member will send an email with a reminder of all the referrals they made or received.

All in all a great session where the help of technology brings people together and has made the cooperative community one that is not only bound by technology.

Check out the attending members' provided websites at the links below:


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